DreamTrace™ offers next-generation VR previsualization services at our locations. We assist clients with VR file conversion or creation, and serve VR sessions on our expansive DreamStages where clients walk immersively in a digital version of their project.

Whether a project is large or a small, those involved may find it challenging to achieve a sense of space, to gain inspiration, spot mistakes, or otherwise visualize complex environments from drawings.

How big will that room feel after it is finished? Is the space between these elements sufficient for comfortable movement? What are the sight-lines from this location or that?

While 3D rendering and seated-in-place VR technology have made advances in this area, these methods often fail to facilitate a true sense of space and visual understanding of objectives.

Virtual Reality?

If you’re new to the concept of Virtual Reality (“VR”) don’t be shy to visit our brief overview here.

What makes DreamTrace™ unique from other VR solutions?

Alternative previsualization solutions are often done on a 2D computer screen, a mobile device, or using VR that allows for very limited space of freeform user movement––often experienced seated or standing-in-place with limited lateral movement options.

Standing-in-Place VR

Seated-in-Place VR

Full-Motion Dreamstage

DreamTrace™ offers the following unique advantages with regards to project pre-visualization:

  • File Conversion Assistance
    Our DreamTrace™ Visioneers will assist in converting your architecture or design files into a VR environment, ready for you to explore.
  • Free Form Movement
    Our Visioneers will host your VR environment on one of our spacious VR (2,500 sqf+) Dreamstages, enabling you to move physically through the life-sized, three-dimensional VR representation of your project. Up to six people can share the VR experience simultaneously on a single stage.
  • Intuitive User Interface
    Most VR solutions use two handheld controllers to interact and navigate VR environments. Typical VR controllers are usually somewhat bulky and contain a number of triggers and buttons which require some training to use comfortably. DreamTrace™ uses a hand-recognition menu that is as intuitive as it is fun.
  • ArcViz™ Collaboration
    While in the VR environment, your team will be able to use our proprietary ArcViz™ software tools to point at objects, take pictures, draw mark up, measure the environment, and record audio notes.
  • Take Assets With You
    After your pre-visualization session, DreamTrace™ provides your images and notes captured in your VR session.

Using your own hands for interacting with the digital environment is intuitive and fun!

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