My Project in VR? Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?

DreamTrace™ is ready to help you enter the world of professional VR review.

The folders below provide a helpful overview of the process of partnering with DreamTrace™ to Pre-Visualize your project in VR.

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Slide CONSULTATION 1 Step One! Slide CONSULTATION 1 We'll arrange for a consultation to understand the following about your project: Contact Us! The first step is to
contact us.
a) Objective b) Timeline c) Design Files

Slide BOOKING 2 Step Two! Slide BOOKING 2 After the file review. DreamTrace will provide a proposal and timeline. After the consultation, DreamTrace will evaluate the design files (or other concept plans) that you wish to Pre-Visualize in VR. DreamTrace will then work with you to book a time and date for your VR session.

Slide FILE CONVERSION 3 Step THREE! Slide FILE CONVERSION 3 Most files require some adjustment and repair to successfully translate to VR. DreamTrace will now work on converting your design files. The quality and details of your VR environment depend greatly on your design files. No Design Files? DreamTrace can build your VR project from the ground up based on your vision and specifications.

Slide VR SESSION 4 Step FOUR! Slide VR SESSION 4 A DreamTrace Visioneer will greet you and escort you to a PreViz lounge. The main event!
On the day of your session, your team will visit DreamTrace.
After a short safety and training session, you'll equip VR gear and start exploring your project in glorious virtual reality.

Slide SESSION FILES 5 Step FIVE! insert_drive_file Slide SESSION FILES 5 These are the images, markup, and audio-annotations captured by your team during the VR session. After the session, you'll be granted access to the session files. insert_drive_file You'll also have access to a fully navigable 3D environment (not VR) of your project accessible via a web-browser.

That Was the Dry Run… Ready for the Real Thing?

DreamTrace™ takes the uncertainty and complexity out of using VR for your business.
We can’t wait to hear about your project.

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