Digitize Your Motion!

DreamTrace™ locations feature precision equipment needed to track real-world locomotion for use in media, software, and research.

Motion Capture

From motion pictures to TV shows, computer games, advertising, and sports; many projects and products require digitization of physical real-world motion. DreamTrace™ features spacious stages equipped with high fidelity tracking technology, equipment, and accessories. We are thrilled to be your local motion capture (“MoCap”) provider.

Technology and Facilities

The DreamTrace™ MoCap service features a number of benefits, including:

Advanced Tracking Technology

We use OptiTrack technology to track hundreds of points in space at a time, allowing us to record the real-time movements of up to six human actors, each with trackable props, engaging in simultaneous activity.

Expansive Stages

Each DreamStage features more than 2,500 sqft+ of space, allowing for generous movement and actor capacity. High ceilings allow us to track vertical motion as well, for example: stair movement, climbing, repelling, and more.

Visioneer Expertise

All DreamTrace™ motion capture sessions will be staffed by one of our Visioneers, responsible for operating the technology and to assist you to realize a productive motion capture session.

PreViz Lounges

Each DreamStage is connected to one of our premium PreViz lounges from which you can observe the action, plan for the next capture, or relax between takes.

Equipment and Accessories

DreamTrace has a wardrobe of motion capture suits,. equipment and accessories for use in your session. Additional equipment can be procured as needed, or you may bring your own equipment (subject to DreamTrace™ approval).

Data Cleanup

Even with state-of-the-art motion capture technology, movement data often needs some level of smoothing and interpretation. While this work is often accomplished by the client, DreamTrace™ can, for a fee, provide post-capture data cleanup services for your data.

Want to get Moving?

DreamTrace™ hopes to be your motion tracking service provider. Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.