What can I Expect from the VR Session?

This is the magical part. You are about to walk into a digital representation of your project!

The VR Experience

Upon arriving at the DreamTrace™ location, you’ll be greeted by a Visioneer assigned to your project. The Visioneer will provide a safety briefing, and ensure that your goals for the session are understood. These are the main elements of the experience to follow:

The DreamStage

At the heart of each DreamTrace™ location are its DreamStages: large open rooms (2,500+ sqft.) equipped with high fidelity equipment to track and translate your physical movements directly into the VR environment.

Each DreamStage is adjoined by a dedicated lounge that you and your group can call “home” during your VR Pre-Visualization session.

The Equipment

Before entering VR, you’ll be equipped with two pieces of technology:

  • A DreamTrace™ VR Visor, consisting of a high-definition stereoscopic display, built-in headphones and microphone to communicate with your group and the Visioneer, plus a Leap Motion device for VR tracking of your hands.
  • A PC Backpack containing the computer equipment and software that is driving your VR experience to the head-mounted visor.
The DreamSpace

Having put on the equipment, you’ll enter the adjoining DreamStage and lower your visor to enter the DreamSpace: an infinite land that lies between the real world and each individual VR project.

After entering the DreamSpace, participants will be asked to walk into a highlighted beacon bearing your name. This synchronizes you with our system. Finally, the Visioneer will trace you into your VR project where the magic begins.

For more information about what happens inside the VR construct and how participants can interact with the digital environment, visit our ArcViz™ page.

The DreamSpace lies between reality and your VR project