The Dreamtrace Player Portal

With a Dreamtrace Arena account, players have the ability to monitor and modify the play experience.

Capturing objectives and having a shootout in spaceship wreckage is epic by itself, but customizing your abilities and loadout with preferred augmentations is legendary.  Create a DreamTrace Arena account prior to playing your first session, and you’ll receive an action pack full of augmentations that you can equip for use in-game.  Whether it is the ability to go invisible, summon a shield, or turn your weapon into a devastating shotgun, there are a multitude of different ways you can modify your playstyle.

Each augmentation is worth one to three points, and you may have five points worth of augmentations equipped.  While in game, extend your hand and open it, palm up, and you’ll be able to activate the abilities slotted in your loadout.  Each augmentation is single use and will disappear after you activate it in game, but don’t fret! Each session you play rewards you with seven additional random augmentations; you’ll never run out.  Using your augmentations effectively is the difference between winning or losing the match!

Equip augmentations and vanquish your foes!

Begin your digital adventure with DreamTrace Arena!

Managing your loadout is only one of the benefits of using the player portal.  You can prepare ahead of time by signing the waiver, skipping that step at check-in.  You can also check for news related to the various experiences, open any action packs you’ve received, review past sessions, and check your personal statistics, all from your mobile or desktop device.

Visit to create an account today!