VR Must Not Only Be Amazing, but Productive!

DreamTrace ™ gives you the tools to evaluate, measure, and annotate your observations inside the VR environment

The ArcViz™ VR Interface

Upon entering your project’s VR environment, you’ll have access to our proprietary ArcViz™ interface tools. By using simple hand-gestures, you’ll be able to interact with the VR surroundings, capture images, draw markup, evaluate measurements, take audio notes, and more. Here’s a list of features:


The various features of ArcViz™ are available to you at the tip of your fingers.

Image Capture

Capture a still image as framed by the viewfinder that appears in view after you’ve activated this feature.


After capturing an image, the pinch gesture can be used to draw markup for later reference.

Audio Notes

In context of a captured image, you can record audio notes to capture commentary and reminders pertaining to the depicted subject

Measuring Grid

Conjure a measuring grid to evaluate distances between objects in your VR project environment

Digital Fencing

As you physically move about the VR environment, a fencing grid will appear when you are about to leave the physical confines of the DreamStage! For your safety, do not move beyond the digital fence boundary.

If you wish to visit to an out-of-boundary part of your VR project, your Visioneer can arrange for you to trace to another location in the VR environment.