How many people can play at once?

We can accommodate up to six players per experience. Our premiere experience, Into the Far, supports two teams of three players each.

What if we’re less than six people?

Most experiences work great with less than six people, so no worries. Keep in mind that other customers may book open player-slots in the same session.

What should I wear?

Please avoid wearing anything reflective, since reflective clothing can affect the quality of the experience. Additionally, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement since our experiences can be active.

Can I wear glasses?

Yes. Our VR headsets are large enough that you can wear them over your glasses.

How physically demanding is the experience?

Players must have use of both hands, and be able to walk for 15-20 minutes while carrying up to 25 pounds on their back.

Are the sessions private?

Sorry, no. Other customers may book unused player-slots in sessions. If you book a six-player session, however, then the session will be private to that group.

What are the rescheduling and cancellation policies?

If you contact us prior to 72 hours before your booking, you may cancel your booking and receive a refund. If you contact us between 72 hours and 24 hours prior to your booking, you may reschedule your booking for a later date within the next 12 months. No refund or rescheduling will be made for cancellations within 24 hours of booking, or for no-shows.

When should I arrive?

All participants should arrive 20 minutes prior to your experience’s scheduled start time. This ensures you have enough time to check in and go over safety procedures.

Can I arrange a private group booking?

Yes. Please contact us about renting our party room or scheduling a group VR event.

What sanitary measures are taken?

All VR equipment is fully sanitized between each use, and all commonly-touched surfaces are regularly cleaned.

Is there a place to store my belongings?

Each Ready Room (where you will be equipped with VR gear) has a set of small, unlocked storage cubbies. DreamTrace is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

How long is the experience?

Each Into the Far match is 10 minutes. Durations may vary per group, but expect your experience to last between 20-30 minutes from the start of your safety briefing to your return to the lobby.

What is the booking fee on my bill?

DreamTrace uses a third-party provider to handle our online reservations, which incurs the reserving party a small convenience fee. Reservations made to DreamTrace by phone or on-location are not subject to a convenience fee.