Visualize Before you Realize

DreamTrace™ locations provide extraordinary planning and visualization services for space planning, construction, design, commercial presentations and more!

VR Pre-Visualization

Each DreamTracelocation hosts the technology and expertise to help you pre-visualize your project in VR before committing to construction or purchase. Our visioneers are ready to assist converting your plans into a VR-compatible format, enabling up to six people to physically walk through a life-sized, three-dimensional model of your project on one of our high-tech stages.

The capabilities and benefits of VR extend beyond that of construction and interior layout planning. Virtual Reality technology can be harnessed for sales meetings, investor presentations, sports medicine, safety training, and much more.

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Why VR Pre-Visualization?

Large, ambitious projects require planning, drawings, and intense collaboration between many parties. However, whether large or small, most projects find it challenging to achieve a true sense of space when visualizing a complex environment or situation.

How expansive will the room’s layout seem once built? Is the space between these elements sufficient for comfortable movement? What are the sight-lines from this location or that one? What will it actually feel like to walk through the space after it’s finished?

These are common questions asked by those about to embark on significant project investments. While 3D rendering and seated-in-place VR technology have made advances in this area, both methods often fail to facilitate a true sense of space, parallax motion, and a visual understanding of project objectives.

Why DreamTrace?

We offer the following unique advantages in project pre-visualization:

  • File Conversion Assistance
    Our DreamTrace™ visioneers will help convert your architectural and design files into a fully rendered VR environment, ready for you to explore.
  • Free Form Movement
    Visit a DreamTrace™ location and our visioneers will serve the VR environment on one of our spacious DreamStages (2,500+ sq. ft. in size) enabling you to move physically through a life-sized, three-dimensional representation of your project. Up to six people can share the VR experience simultaneously on a single stage.
  • ArcViz™ Collaboration
    While in the VR environment, your team will be able to use our proprietary ArcViz™ software tools to point at objects, take pictures, draw and annotate, take measurements of the environment, and record voice notes.
  • Take Assets with you
    After your VR pre-visualization experience, DreamTrace™ will provide you with all the still images and digital audio files that your team captured during the VR session. We will also deliver a stand-alone file enabling you to “fly through” your project on a PC (in 3D rather than in VR).

Industry Uses

Preview and troubleshoot complex office, retail, and industrial building plans with your team, or sell your building concept to prospective clients.

Collaborate in VR to design that perfect home, then walk through the final plan to ensure they meet your dreams!

Preview kitchen, bathroom, or other improvements to ensure a match with your hopes for the renewed space.

Allow prospective customers to virtually peruse home or apartment models and layouts prior to commitment.

Visualize fixture placements, customer checkout flow, and planograms ranging from the small boutique, to expansive multi-story retail establishments.

From coffee shops to fine dining: plan table layouts, anticipate traffic flow and space restrictions. Understand sight lines and determine if the design establishes the desired ambiance.

Anticipate the spatial proximity of cooking equipment, establish work stations, and troubleshoot practical kitchen workflow.

Design and then review the scope and effect of ambitious and complex outdoor projects.

Plan booth layouts and configurations. Plan staffing zones and anticipate sight lines to insure that your trade show presence has the intended effect.

Review or showcase the spatial plans of mechanical connections, relays, industrial machines, factory floor operations, and similar equipment.

Train staff in virtual environments. Especially useful for high-risk, or fragile work environments in which detailed prior instruction and simulation is mission-critical.

Present your product or idea to investors in an immersive and thrilling environment where your vision can unfold before their eyes.

Review your production sets, review actor blocking, and plan shots before committing to expensive physical sets for film, TV, or theatre

Schools, parks, libraries, and other civic projects can be reviewed by stakeholders and elected officials prior to commitment.

Sports, medical, warehouses, amusement parks… there’s almost no limit to what can be experienced visually and spatially on DreamTrace’s VR stages.

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